How we build our competitive teams?

  • A-Team

    It is a very competitive team, they represent [-NH-] New Horizons on all the major event (their commitment is very higher)

  • B-Team

    It is a semi-competitive team, formed with members what they want to become competitive, and those guys what they play now and then (casual).

  • C-Team

    This team is formed by ALL our Clan members (even those members what they did not come for training), we will take them in CB when they have time, and when they are here and want to play with us few games.

New Horizons A Team
New Horizons B Team
New Horizons C Team

This team represents ALL OUR CLAN MEMBERS (without any obligation for training, we will take them in CB when they have time, and when they are here and want to play few games). Of course, they need to follow the voting rule. If they want to play, they need to vote and be on Discord channel on that day. Always the priority will be for those guys what vote "YES" (we start with the guys what have less game and vote YES), the next players will choose the "Maybe" vote, then will be the guys what don't vote (if we have a free place, we rotate others first). Elected CO will be leading all the battles if they are not there, the second choice is the Backup CO, then a usual Officer Rank 1 CO will not act and use the same behavior as they doing on "A or B Team". They will need to accept the player's skill as they are, no offending, or some comparison between them.

[-NH-] members, don't forgot!...

      • Remember that you’re part of a team – in Clan Battles, it’s the result of the battle that’s important, not your individual achievements.
      • Every player can go in a team that he like if he takes all the steps that each one made (CO score point).
      • Why the competitive guys are special?… because they choose to be there, it can be your choice too (just you need to tell us that).
      • We can not please everyone (we know that), but we can try to give equal chance for everyone in this Clan.
      • Real-life (RL) is important for everyone here, all we ask is to follow our rules, vote when we ask u to do that (otherwise will decide everything without asking you again).
      • NO ONE will push you to do something that u don’t like, but when we talking about battle, u need to follow CO orders.
      • If someone feels offended by Officers or other members, just let us know!
      • This is a game, after all, need to be fun, let’s keep that way much as we can!

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