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Who are our illustrious warriors?

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New Horizons C Team
  • CO for C-Team

    CO for C-Team

    miomibv / Clunny / warmaker_321 / Bughi007

  • PO for C-Team

    PO for C-Team

    All the [-NH-]New Horizons members

All the [-NH-]New Horizons members are C-Team (when we don’t play competitive in days).

Every rank/role what is mentioned on A-Team and B-Team, can be different as we have in Clan

Click here to see what are the difference between this teams!

Note: After the next CB Season, we will analyze these teams, and will make changes if we need them, also we try to score the NEW members (or those members what change his position), to have the same equal chance (they score will be compared with the old members what was score already). It doesn’t matter if you are a new member if you deserve and follow the rules, you can be in that team for sure.

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