Looking for a fight or a training?...

    • This option can be use by all the Clan Commanders or representative Officers on our server
    • We have a few and private special channels on Discord, for this subject, where every Clan can post an announcement and ask for an opposite team.
    • Because we have more Clan present on our Server, will more easy to find your match in a short time, but we suggest posting that announcement at least with 12-24h in advance.
  • You can have this opportunity every day, and when you want/need, if your register as a participant on this Tournament!
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Register today, time is flying away!

If you are interested to participate with your Clan on this event fill this form.
You just need/ask few information from you like: your in game ID,Clan name, what day u prefer to play, how many members/team u can bring in.
After you send us that information, we will contact you for more details.

Send us a Discord message from here!

Feel free to contact us directly from here, your message will be send to our Discord channel (even if you don’t have or use Discord), and from there one of our Officers will answer you in the shortest time.
All the field are mandatory!

Will answer only to that true ID contact.

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