Looking to rent a few Mercenary?...

    • This section is dedicated to clan Commanders only!
    • You need a password to access this section (please contact us)!
    • You don’t have enough people, you want to learn from the best, you need an adversary for training?…
    • HERE is the place where u can find “Mercenary” from all other clans.
    • You can pick any you like, you, link to their stats is available for each one.
    • In this section, you will see a list with all the “Mercenary”, their stats and ID in-game & Discord.
    • Each one will have rated score (as a result of their games as “Mercenary”), and you will see how many times they were rented.

If you meet problems with your login in to this section, please send us a message using the below form contact.

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Feel free to contact us directly from here, your message will be send to our Discord channel (even if you don’t have or use Discord), and from there one of our Officers will answer you in the shortest time.
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