"YOU vs. ME - Tournament" Season 3 (Stage 3)

“It’s a game. At the end of the day, that’s all it is, is a game. It doesn’t make you any better or any worse than anybody else. So by winning a game, you’re no better. By losing a game, you’re no worse. I think by keeping that mentality, it really keeps things in perspective for me to treat everybody the same.”
Tim Tebow

Start: 28 June / End: 12 July​

Participants list


[TF333] Task Force 333


[CGER] Cohors Germanicum
[PRESS] Piraten retten einander und sichern die See
[R0GUE] Rogue One
[-SOG-] Sons of Glory


[BATES] Bateleurs
[B0TS] Beasts 0f the Sea
[R0GUE] Rogue One
[CG] Company Gamers (Vulcan Team)
[CG] Company Gamers (Aries Team)
[GURKA] Gurkhas in Boats - we only fear water
[_IG_] Illusion Gamers
[KOTST] Knights Of The Sacred Torpedo
[-WHO-] Identity Crisis
[-NH-] New Horizons (A-Team)
[-NH-] New Horizons (B-Team)

Note: The badge League above is valid for that time when they participate in this event!

Scheduled Days
Total Games Played

Score for all round matches

[-NH-] New Horizons (B-Team)3216016161606012
[GURKA] Gurkhas in Boats - we only fear water24180618612540
[-SOG-] Sons of Glory2819091991053-4
[PRESS] Piraten retten einander und sichern die See20110911924512
[-NH-] New Horizons (A-Team)271401314131453
[BATES] Bateleurs166010610-44224
[-WHO-] Identity Crisis206014614-83012
[B0TS] Beasts 0f the Sea16907972270
[CG] Company Gamers (Vulcan Team)84044402412
[CG] Company Gamers (Aries Team)820626-460
[R0GUE] Rogue One410313-230
[_IG_] Illusion Gamers000000000
[CGER] Cohors Germanicum00000000-4
[TF333] Task Force 333810717-6-5-8
[KOTST] Knights Of The Sacred Torpedo300303-3-9-9
LEGENDS: GP – Games Played
W – Wins
D – Draws
L – Loss
PF – Point For
PA – Point Against
PD – Point Difference
PTS – Total Points
B/P – Bonus/penalty points

[-NH-] New Horizons (B-Team)

The winner of "YOU vs. ME - Tournament" Season 3 (Stage 3)​

Recorded games from this Tournament Season

All the games recorded can be found on YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM07NS4fFPTPVhhtE7anmZg
Here is a list with those games

Rules for this Tournament Season

  • Maps will be selected from the list, and each team has two chosen maps we encourage teams to choose at least one map they are good at, and one they would like to improve at.
    • Here u can find a guide with a picture steps how to set up the training room (link), or you can follow the next step:
    • Add to description: “YOU vs. ME – Tournament [your clan] vs. [opponent clan]
    • Battle time: 20 min
    • Number of players: 8×8
    • Team Members: Tier VI,
    • Ships line-up: 1 BBs or 1CV, DD’s maximum 2
    • Cyclone: Without cyclone
    • “Make this Training Room private”: Off
    • “Forbid the commanders to invite players to teams”: Off
    • “Hide enemy ships”: On
    • “Allow spectators”: On
    • Ring (Clan Domination) Strait (Clan
    • Domination) New Dawn (Clan
    • Domination) Fault Line (Clan
    • Domination) Trident (Clan
    • Domination) North (Clan
    • Domination) Northern Lights (Clan Domination)
  • Teams will play 4 rounds against each clan during the league stage.
  • The points for each round are collated, and each win gives 3 points, each draw 1 point, and defeat 0 points.
  • If u make the reservation on the Calendar, and you, not show/play, that game will be a forfeit (your opponent will take 3 points * how many games you need to play it, and you will lose 1 point * how many games u not play it)
  • The Clan what have more point will win.
  • If will have a draw between some Clans matches, they will play 3 other extra games (and use the point for the final result).
  • We encourage to have many streamers/recorders as possible on match days, to have as many games cast as possible
  • They are always put into the “spectators” segment in a training room
  • Are not allowed to cast their own clan or team
  • Are not allowed, to share any information in a match or team lineup with another team or player
  • The start of a game can be delayed, to allow streamers to finish the precedent match. In this case, you are informed by the tournament organizers or officials.
  • Our goal is, to keep delays as short as possible, but delays are inevitable
  • You can see, if your game is streamed in the streamer schedule
  • All streams have to run with a 5 minutes delay
  • The sportsmanship rules are also counting for streamers
  • All recordings made are to be available to at least the two clans involved, if not the entire community for mutual training.
  • Our goal is to consistently see our member clans fighting it out in hurricane.
  • They need to offer more options ships to play (more than 8 ships from the Tier what Tournament follow)
  • They need to register before the game start on that day
  • Every mercenary can play for each side, half of the matches for one team, the rest for the opposite team (if the Commanders ask)
  • If the mercenaries not playing for other Clans (just for one), he loses this rank and can not play anymore in this Tournament
  • Need to be active and be on Discord Tournament Server (NH Server)
  • They need to be from good above
  • That name will be published on website section, and can not be accessed without a password, only by other Commanders Clan
  • Will play as that Commanders ask, meaning like a Petty Officer, or can be pointed to lead that Clan
  • He plays for and on the name of that Clan
  • The same Mercenaries can be used 2 games from one team, and the next 2 games by the opponent team.
  • Each Commander will pick a Mercenary from that list as he likes and wants.
  • As everyone knows, this Tournament follows the training session for our members, the possibility to test: some line-up, new ships, or some new players.
  • According to this, your opponent can ask you to play in some format (example: without CV), you can accept or not that challenge.
  • If you can not play all 4 games on that day, you will talk with your opponent and together will establish another day to continue.
  • Your games can be rescheduled for another day (but you need to announce that public)
  • The time start can be modified if u talk with your opponents
  • All disputes are to be handled in as professional a manner as possible, if the discussion cannot be resolved between the commanders then a tournament adjudicator may be requested to rule.
  • If the issue is large enough, then it will go to a discussion among the clan representatives and a binding ruling will be made with the majority consent of the representatives.
  • It is important to remember the primary focus of “YOU vs. ME – Tournament” hardcore training and preparation for the upcoming clan wars season – and as a result we encourage clans to have friendly relations with each other, and to arrange fun nights and practices outside of the tournament in order to test new strategies or interesting lineups.
  • For any problems or disputes please contact [-NH-] New Horizons Commander (or other Officers Board), direct on Discord Server.

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