How to set up a Training Room for this event?

Step by step tutorial (rules for this map are present on the primary page for each event)

Step 1

  • First of all, you need to check in the game settings, to see if you have enabled. Go to “Controls“, and see if u have checked the option “All the scenario of the Training Room“,
  • Apply/OK (Training Room 01)
    On the right side of the red button, you have Random (Training Room 02)

Step 2

  • Choose the “Training Room” (Training Room 03)
  • On the next window, push the button “Create Battle” (Training Room 04)
  • In the same window, u have the option to find a created Training Room, push that small search icon, and type the creator ID first letter, and when you type you will see the training room what you looking for.
  • Everyone can use this option to find quick that training room. (Training Room 04)

Step 3

  • Choose the map what u know is on that event Season (Training Room 05)
  • Set Condition
    • Time: 20 min
    • Number of Players: …x…
    • Tier: Choose the Tier accepted in that event (number and type)
  • Set Mode
    • Check “Hide enemy ships”
    • Check “Allow Spectators”
  • Add description: “YOU vs. ME – Tournament” [youclan] vs. [otherclan]
  • Then press Escape (or “X” from the top right corner)
    (Training Room 05)

Step 4

  • Click on the right side (+), and invite Commander from your opponent team (Training Room 06)
  • On the window what will open (Training Room 07), you can select and invite from your contact list, or u can find it by yourself (just you need to type his name on the search field (where you can see that magnify icon)
  • On the left side, you add your team members
  • All the player when will come in this Training Room, they will be in the undistributed area, you can drag them where you want (even as spectators)

Have fun Commander, and don’t forget to tell us how it was your battle

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